Dispenser Classic™
Dispenser Classic™
Dispenser Classic™

Dispenser Classic™

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Finally, a way to achieve the most effective hand hygiene, without having to worry about the risk of contracting the germs present on Bar soaps or on the handle of manual soap dispensers.

Perfect hand hygiene is the front line defense against germs and diseases for the whole family and is a prerequisite to reduce the transfer of germs inside the house to prevent many infectious illnesses. This is especially true for many respiratory & food-related diseases. Our #1 rated automatic touchless soap dispenser is the most efficient method of preventing the spread of germs compared to traditional Bar soaps, Lever or Pump dispensers which often hide germs on its lever and nozzles and transfer it back to clean hands upon touching.Even though the benefits of hand hygiene is well documented and well known to people, the need for the right kind of soap dispenser has not been well emphasized. Our #1 rated touchless soap dispenser with its infrared technology prevents the build-up of germs on its body by eradicating the need to touch the dispenser with dirty hands! Be it in the bathroom or kitchen, our touchless soap dispenser will be an ideal partner to help maintain a clean & healthy household.

Other Key Benefits

  • Multi Usage: It can be used with multiple types of liquids like dishwasher liquid or soap or even with shower gel.
  • Blends in well with all bathroom & kitchens due to its sleek design
  • Save all the money being spent on using too much soap which does not bring in any additional health benefits
  • Save time spent on cleaning and maintaining traditional soap dispensers

How to use:

  • Install 4x AAA batteries in the slot at the bottom
  • Fill the dispenser with liquid soap (max 300 ml / 10 oz)
  • Switch on the power button at the bottom of the dispenser
  • Bring your hand within a distance of 2 to 3 inch to the infrared  sensor and dispenser will pump out 1ml/0.03oz of soap every 2 seconds


    Our Guarantee (EASY REFUNDS)

    The soap dispenser with a built-in sensor can automatically identify the closed hand and give soap liquid out. No need to press the button by your wet hands, you can get soap liquid quickly and efficiently. 2-3inch is the best sensor distance. Put your hands under the outlet for a while, then the soap dispenser will release 1ml soap liquid each time, keeping posture for 2 seconds for another time dispensing.
    Transparent window design
    The soap dispenser is designed with a transparent window on its body, which is convenient to show you the inside volume of soap liquid at real time, avoiding soap liquid short problem.
    Battery powered
    The soap dispenser is powered by four pieces batteries(not included), no limitation of the power cable, which is convenient to place any place you like.
    Simple appearance
    The soap dispenser is made of high quality ABS material, tough and durable, owning long using life span. Besides, the soap dispenser is shaped in the simple minimalist style, fashionable and classic.
    The soap dispenser is designed with IPX6 waterproof function, which can effectively prevent the splashing water getting into the inside electric component, perfect for bathroom usage.
    Scope of application
    The soap dispenser is widely suitable for restaurant, hotel, kitchen, bathroom, hospital and so on.

    Type: soap dispenser
    Quantity: 1pc
    Material: ABS
    Color: silver/ blue and white porcelain/ red wood/ black wood/Light Grey and Dark Grey Marbling
    Capacity: 300ml
    Voltage: DC 6V
    Waterproof: IPX6
    Battery: 4*1.5v batteries(not included)
    Size: 72*142*220mm/ 2.83*5.58*0.86inch(L*W*H)
    Net weight: 255.0g/ 8.99oz


    1* soap dispense

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