Weighted Hula-Hoop
Weighted Hula-Hoop
Weighted Hula-Hoop
Weighted Hula-Hoop

Weighted Hula-Hoop

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Summer is Around The Corner, Are You Ready? 

The Weighted Hula-Hoop is the perfect at-home workout tool! The newest & best way to slim your waist right from your bedroom! 

The world’s first adjustable and portable weighted hula hoop. Use it to burn more calories, build a stronger core, and have fun while doing it. Get your Summer Bod right with!

Top 5 Benefits:

1. Toning your bodyToning can be hard at times for women, especially with the increased number of hours being spent at home, which often leads to a lack of passion in fitness and frustration. But with the Hour Glxss Weighted Hula Hoop, you can tone your body while having fun! 

2. Burn Calories At Home: Weighted Hula Hoops are a great form of aerobic exercise! The more you use it, the more calories you are able to burn. 

3. Relaxation: As strange as it might sound, Weighted Hula Hooping can be relaxing. Pick your favorite place and workout at any time! Use it for a few minutes during commercial breaks, or during your free time for a sense of relaxation! 

4. Improve Hand-Eye Coordination: Hula hooping requires some form of hand-eye coordination. While hooping, you are challenging not only your muscles but your brain as well. Improved hand-eye coordination can help with many other areas of your life as well!

5. Easy to Use and Fun: Using a Weighted Hula Hoop is a ton of fun. You can often forget you are working out because you are enjoying it so much.

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  • Perfect for beginner and intermediate hoopers!
  • Smooth and high-density foam padded with no waves or ridges!
  • Size/Weight adjustable for different body sizes and skill level!

Use Instructions: 

  • Begin using for 5-10 mins per day. Do not use for one hour directly before or after a meal. 
  • Not suitable for pregnant women, children under 15yrs, or persons with back/hip injuries. 
  • Allow enough space and be mindful of surroundings to avoid damage. 

Product material:
Material: Polyethylene

Suitable for: Fitness equipment, sports trends, fitness beauty, dance sports
Function: Detachable, weight loss, convenient
Age: Teenager
Applicable gender: Neutral

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